Selling the UV Light Add-on

Selling the UV Light Add-on

How to build a value added add-on into each job

Building the Value Part III

So here we are in the third part of our “Building the Value” series. So far we have covered Electrostatic Filters and Decontamination Treatments. You may be asking yourself what’s left; well I saved the best for last. At least that’s my opinion.

Everyone lately seems to be more germ conscious. People that never had allergy issues now see a doctor because symptoms are apparent and affecting the quality of their life. Everyone worries about mold and the transmission of airborne illnesses. It’s almost like when we were children and the Boogie Man was under the bed, except this Boogie Man is real and living in all of our homes.

Keeping your client’s air duct systems clean, decontaminating the systems when cleaning it and using Electrostatic filters to ensure they stay clean are all important steps. However, the nature of air ducts is this – the moment after we clean them, they begin to become dirty again. Dust is something we can vacuum out but what about the things we do not see?

This is where the installation of a UV Light comes into play. Air-Care offers an affordable, reliable and well made UV Light that is easy to install and provides a recurring revenue stream for your business.

In the past, UV lights were large and challenging to install in residential applications, not to mention very expensive. All that has changed and this is something that has immediate benefits for the health conscious customer. Air-Care UV Lights use a UVCC light so there is no ozone produced – a major selling point in our ever-growing green world.

The Air-Care UVC Max36 emits a powerful ultraviolet light which sterilizes and reduces airborne microorganisms as they pass through the system. They operate 24 hours a day to continuously sanitize the air in the home. They are easy to install and each year you should return to replace the bulb. This is also a great time to schedule an annual dryer vent cleaning, but we will talk more about that next month.

Air-Care has marketing material available that can be given to each customer so you can leave them with some printed material. You will be surprised how many people will call you back with questions and orders. This is a product that offers 24 hour advantages, 365 days a year.

With an average retail price ranging from $250 to $600, think of what selling just three of these each month could do for your bottom line…now you knew I was going to find a way to fit some math in here, didn’t you?

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