Scope Of Work by: Wayne Tracy

Scope Of Work by: Wayne Tracy

Wayne's Wisdom


When a contractor is asked to quote work in most trades he is provided with a Scope of Work.  This document provides specifications and details of what is required and where the work is performed.  More often than not, you’ll be asked to provide a quote for Air System Cleaning , but given no details about the extent of work to be done.  Most property owners/managers don’t know what to ask for or fully understand the levels of services we can offer.  If the work is going out for bid, this can lead to a very unfair bidding environment.  You may quote cleaning of ducts, air handlers, sanitizing and deodorizing (a full service cleaning), while your competitor only quotes cleaning of the air ducts.

An uneducated customer may award the bid solely on price.  It’s important you fully explain to your customer how bidding can be very different from one contractor to the other.  Educate them in the level of services you can offer so he is sure to give fair consideration to any bid he receives and understand the differences. If you are not given a Scope of Work, which will be the case in most instances, offer your customer a generic scope of work.

At the end of this article is a sample of a Scope of Work we use in our own service department on a daily basis.  This is very generic and gives the standards for a full service cleaning in most building types.  I’ve red lettered the areas on this quote you need to change to apply it to your company.  Simply load it in a Microsoft Word document and change it any way you like to fit your business and the job you’re quoting.


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