Quality Work vs. “Blow-N-Go”

Quality Work vs. “Blow-N-Go”

by Mary Dziak

maryQuality work has always been a first priority for us at Air-Care.  We preach to our trainees every month that this should be considered “THE” most important part of your business.  When you do quality work at a fair price, you win and the customer wins.  The customer will be your biggest advocate and let others know about your company.  They will also use you for the other services that you provide versus looking for other companies.

The Blow-N’-Go duct cleaners out there do not get this type of repeat and referral business.  The customers don’t get the feeling that they received proper service for the money they spent, therefore, will not use them or refer them to others.

There are different levels of service a duct cleaner can provide.  How do you define what amount of duct cleaning is sufficient?  Is “debris removal from ducts only” (basic service) enough or do you need to do “full service duct cleaning”?

It has been argued that the only way to do proper duct cleaning is to clean everything that the indoor air touches; that includes the supplies, returns and air handler.  It also includes sanitizing the ducts.  This is considered full service and is promoted as the best way to do duct cleaning.  Each situation and home is different though.

You may end up cleaning the ducts only because they are replacing the air handler or the customer only wants the debris removal because of the price.  You should let them know that this is considered “basic” and there are other services available.

Let the customer know what the best procedures are for their particular situation.  Education is the key and will let the customer know that you are basing your discussion on their home not just what you do everywhere else.

Blow-N’-Go companies just go in and pretend to do duct cleaning, collect the money and leave.  Don’t fall into a trap to do less service for more money.  This won’t win the customer over.

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