Purpose of Our Two Websites

Purpose of Our Two Websites

Updated: Our two sites have now been combined into one.

We have received a few questions lately on the difference between our various websites and what they offer our customers.  The two websites you may use are www.air-care.com and our online contractor price sheet.  They both have different features and different uses.

We set up the ordering system on www.air-care.com as a website that only our customers can access through a secure log in. This is where you go to order all Electrostatic Air Filters, chemicals and a few other products such as solid odor kill, quiet breeze, and UV lights.

Air-Care.com is our main public website and anyone can see information on here about our business and what we offer, but the public does not have access to the ordering area; that is only reserved for our customers.  We assign our customers a login and password at the time we set them up to order online.

Electrostatic air filters must be ordered online or via fax, but equipment, supplies, parts & accessories may be ordered online or via phone.

Air-Care.com is also where we keep a map of contractors that we currently do business with and refer homeowners to this site to locate someone in their area that can do the services for them.

Within the last year or so, we made a decision to save some money, and a few trees, and embraced the Internet by posting our entire product catalog on our online contractor price sheet.  This is not just a site to view products; we took the extra step to make it possible for you to see detailed information about all our products and even order them online. This gives you the ability to order anything online at anytime.

Some products on the site require you to register for the site in order to see the prices. This protects you as the contractor from your potential or past customers seeing how much you paid for items that you re-sell to them.

After you register, we must authorize your account in order for you to gain access to the prices of those specific products you might resell to your customers.  All other prices are visible without the need for registration.

Even if you don’t choose to order items via our online contractor price sheet, it is still useful in helping you see detailed information about our products including pictures. Additionally, there is a very useful search feature that allows you to find products by name, description and/or part number.

We encourage you to take some time and familiarize yourselves with both sites.  You are more than welcome to contact us with any questions or suggestions; input from our customers is always appreciated.

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