A Primer on Dryer Vent Cleaning 101

A Primer on Dryer Vent Cleaning 101

Vent Cleaning for Proper Use of Your Dryer

Lint that gets past the lint screen in your customer’s dryer will eventually end up in their dryer vent. If the lint is not removed, it can build up over time and get stuck which will create a very serious issue. Many house fires get started from the buildup of lint that gets stuck inside dryer duct hosing. This is why Air-Care offers the biggest selection when it comes to dryer duct cleaning tools so that we can help you & your customers avoid the dangers that are caused by dirty dryer vents.

Clogged Vents Explained

When vents become clogged, the dryer is not able to dry the clothes efficiently. As a result, people often tend to put clothes on a longer drying cycle. This process consumes and wastes more energy and increases homeowner’s energy bill. This is why the lint that collects in the dryer vent is something that should never be ignored because it can affect both the environment and how much money is spent on energy consumption each month.

Checking Dryer Hoses and Exhaust Vents

Routinely keeping the lint screen clean is a good first step, but contractors should also go one step further by ensuring that customers dryer hose exhaust vents are cleaned on an annual basis. By doing so, they will prevent having any problems that are associated with clogged dryer vents since you are performing preventative maintenance.

In addition to preventing any fire hazards, the maintenance of a customers dryer will be required in order to keep it working in good condition. Our company has been in the manufacturing of industry leading dryer vent cleaning equipment so we know exactly what HVAC, carpet cleaners, and general contractors need when it comes to performing routine service on dryer exhaust vents.

Hiring a Professional

When you call a professional vent cleaning service, you do not have to worry about getting on the floor and cleaning attachments and hoses. It also prevents accidents from being electrocuted since you must unplug the dryer from the wall before cleaning the vent. Professional will have the right dryer vent cleaning equipment to get the vent and the duct system properly cleaned.

A Range of Vent Cleaning Products

We offer a range of dryer duct cleaning equipment to include:

  • Dryer duct cleaning kit
  • Dryer vent cleaning packages
  • 4-inch dryer duct brush
  • (machine end) Dryer duct repair kit
  • (brush end) Dryer duct cable repair end
  • (drill end ) Dryer duct cable repair end
  • Nest claw
  • Forward and reverse air whisk
  • Drill holder with foot pedal

Let Us Help

We want to help you develop a successful and profitable duct cleaning business and provide you with quality dryer vent cleaning equipment and supplies. In addition to duct cleaning, we can also provide you with plenty of knowledge about the indoor air quality industry.

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