President’s Corner, September 2012

President’s Corner, September 2012

The summer is coming to a close and the kids are back to school and the best weather of the year will be here for a short time.

This would be the time to do some planning for the fall and winter seasons. The heaters will go on and you should be getting calls about bad odors and indoor air quality problems. This is just what we all do best – find and solve these kind of problems.

In addition to the normal air system cleaning process you have in place, you should consider air duct leakage testing. This is an easy way to find and fix system air leaks that add up to major energy loss.

In today’s economic climate, every way you can find to save money for your customer is important. One of the oldest messages for business owners is “find a need and fill it”. Being a problem solver is what it is all about and that’s exactly what Air-Care has tried to do for the last 32 years and I am sure that is what most of you are all about.

Be sure to take a look at our DLT duct leakage tester on our web site and view the quick start video.

See you next month!


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