President’s Corner – Temps are Rising and So Is Business

President’s Corner – Temps are Rising and So Is Business

Well summer has started early here in Las Vegas. It was 107 degrees here yesterday and you can bet that all the air conditioners are running full time. That means more service work for us and in fact, we have put out another truck to support the increase in work. These are good problems to have and I hope all of you have the same “problem”.

Not only has our service business increased but our filter and equipment sales have grown as well. This has caused us to hire more people and invest in more manufacturing equipment. Las Vegas was one of the most affected cities in the nation as related to unemployment at 14%, and in spite of that, we are one of the very few companies in the nation that are growing.

On another subject we have decided to manufacture our own UVC lights in-house to control the quality and the supply of units. We will be shipping out units immediately and plan to be able to support over 2,000 units per month as our first production goal. We have been using the Lean Manufacturing process for years with our filter production and will introduce the same process with UVC lights. This will insure the lowest cost to produce and improve our product flow to make timely deliveries.

You may or may not know that we are also manufacturing our own HEPA filters and have invested in equipment to support that process.  Every day we are looking for ways to improve our products and contain cost to make our equipment and parts the most competitive in our industry.

Thanks for your support and confidence in our company.

Richard Papaleo

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