President’s Corner June 2013

President’s Corner June 2013

I was just thinking about how many people we have trained in the many years we’ve been in business. There have been over three-thousand, from all over the world. We have mastered the methods, and in-turn, helped a lot of people get started in this great business.

When it comes to training, there are a few things you need to be sure of. Not only how to clean air systems, but how to find the right customer, and to price the work properly, so that you and your customer are both happy.

Having the lowest price for your service may not be the correct approach. Doing the job right and having repeat customers and referrals is how you build your business. How many companies have you seen go for the low price and a few months later they are not in the business or they are still there but have a very bad reputation and always need new customers because they never get repeat business or referrals?

The long haul is the way you should view your future. We have had customers tell us we were higher than a competitor, but they felt comfortable going with us because they could see we were professional and answered all of their questions. There is the 80/20 rule in life 80% follow and 20 % lead. We choose to be in the 20% group where the profits are fair and both the customer and we win.

So when you go out and present yourself to the next customer, have the confidence to talk about the benefits of what you can do for them and solves their problem. The price should not be the major concern, if you did your part well.

Until next month,

R Papaleo


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