President’s Corner, December 2013

President’s Corner, December 2013

It’s hard to believe it is almost the end of the year and there’s just not enough time to get all the things done that we plan for. That being said, it is amazing how much we accomplish at Air Care.

With the holidays upon us I would like to wish all of you and your families the best. This is the time in the year where it is good to be thankful for all that we have and be grateful for living in a wonderful country where you can become whatever you choose to be.

Being successful is a very personal thing and it means different things to each of us. If I asked 10 people the question “Would you like to be rich?” they all would say yes!

The problem with that question is that rich means something different to each person. It’s not always about money or the amount of money. Some people would feel rich if they could just pay their bills, others want lot’s of money in the bank and some feel rich if they are healthy and they can pay for their children’s college. So what will make you feel rich? If you can decide on that, then going to work every day has a purpose and it get’s to be fun.

The new year will start off with a bang here at Air-Care with a new building and the introduction of some new and exciting products. And we have developed a team of employees (40) that will give their very best to support your needs as our customers.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

R Papaleo

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