President’s Corner

President’s Corner

I recently had a conversation with our Service Manager about sales and I have decided to share that with you.

As most of you know we are also in the service business, and we face the same challenges that you do. We get a lot of phone calls about our service from consumers and the first thing most of them ask is “How much does it cost?”

Unfortunately, this is common mistake that a lot of consumers ask. They should be concerned with what we do and how well we do it.  They should be concerned with what the benefits of our services.

Your response should be a question.  Ask them why they are considering having their air system cleaned and what problem(s) are they trying to overcome.  Remember, your job is to “find a need and fill it”. Once you know what problem they are trying to solve, you can then explain how your service can help.

Regarding the price; I believe it is unfair to both you and the customer, to quote a job over the phone. There are too many variables involved, to give a proper price without seeing the conditions you need to deal with.

Sure, you can quote a job on the phone; we have all done it, but that means you need to go very low if you think they are shopping, or very high, for fear you may be facing a difficult job that can only be determined when you see the project. In either case, it is a bad decision.

The most powerful position you will ever have in the selling game is one-on-one presentation.  This allows you to explain in detail, the procedure and what problems you find that need to be addressed.

You must insist on this approach to selling and tell the customer that you are spending your money to make the trip to their property.  Explain that it is the only way you can be sure to give them the very best price and that they will gain a better understanding of the process and its value.

If you quote over the phone you will generally have a very low probability of getting the job and if you do, it will most likely be less profitable.  If you do an on site inspection and quote, your odds of a sale are increased substantially.

The customers that agree to this process are usually willing to spend the proper amount of money to get the quality service you offer.  I know that some of you will do “low-ball”  quotes over the phone and if you get the job, you have the service people up-sell to get the right price.  This is called ‘bait and switch” and it leads to buyers remorse and very few referrals.

Remember, everyone has the choice to do what they feel works for them.  We choose the high road and sell quality and exceptional service.  Because of this, we get a significant number of referrals which, by the way, are all pre-sold by customers that love our service.  We let themtell everyone they know, what a great company we are.

The bottom line is; make sales but at the same time create a customer base that helps you grow and think of the long term benefits to your company.

Hope this helps.  See you next month.


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