President’s Corner, October 2012

President’s Corner, October 2012

Should you add air duct leakage testing to your existing business?
by Richard Papaleo, President

I always start off by applying another question: “Will this service solve a problem large enough to be a value to my customer?” The answer is absolutely ”Yes”!

Energy savings and comfort are the primary reason the consumer is ready. There are currently 44 states that mandate this test in new construction of homes and when AC systems are replaced. There is a growing awareness of this fact and the market is ready; are you?

One of the things consumers do when trying to save money in their homes is find the source of major energy loss. If they had air leaks in their air system that was equal to an open window or door, that would get their attention fast. The problem is, they don’t know it is leaking because they can’t see it.

This is what is happening in many homes and they just don’t know the source of it. The only thing they know is their utility bills are very high and they would really like to lower them. You can help them identify some of this energy loss and fix the problem.

At Air-Care, we have spent over two years developing a high-tech Duct Leakage Tester that will allow you to do this simple test and give the consumer a detailed report showing the energy loss and the need to correct it.

The test takes about twenty minutes to perform per air system and requires you to just press one button with the test in automatic mode. A detailed report will be produced showing the total air leakage and the cost to the customer in terms of energy loss. This is a no-brainer and anyone can perform this test. The repair of leaking air systems is really easy and we have a complete training program to make sure you are presenting yourself as a true professional.

Every customer you currently have is waiting for you to introduce this service to them and new customers are waiting for you to tell them about this valuable service.

The recommended cost of this service could be $100 to $200 for the test and depending on the number of leaks and access, the repair could be $100 to $500. This is an area that you have complete control of and you should establish your own pricing strategy.

Go to our website to see our video and give us a call to find out more about this problem solver and great profit center.

See you next month!

Richard Papaleo

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