Popular Posts on DuctCleaningForum.com – July 2012

Popular Posts on DuctCleaningForum.com – July 2012

Here’s some interesting posts from the air duct cleaning forum this past month. Feel free to share your insight and expertise.

Do we need more or less duct cleaning regulation?
I read the following article today that brings up a good point about not needing legislation that’s designed to reduce duct cleaning scams and complaints. What do you think? Read the article and comment below. Read More

Val Pak – Does It Work?
I’m interested in knowing if any duct cleaners out there use Val Pak? If you’ve had success with it, I’d love to see the ad your are using. Please post it below. Thanks! Read More

Share Your Groupon Success or Horror Stories (or maybe you are somewhere in between?)!
I’m curious if anyone has tried using Groupon to bring in new business. I can’t imagine it being profitable in the least sense because you have to discount your services so much, plus Groupon takes their 35% or whatever it is. Has anyone tried it and if so, was it successful? Read More

What is a fair price for the industry?
What do you think is a fair price, as a worker doing the actual job, for a full residential duct cleaning and a commercial duct cleaning job respectively? Read More

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