Our glass is half full – June 2009

Our glass is half full – June 2009

The last time I talked to you it was about the economy and our new President and how we should collectively go forward in our business. Well I am pleased to tell you that our first quarter has been very normal; in fact we are as busy as we have ever been.

Our local service activity is usually scheduled two weeks out and this is in a city that has been adversely effected by the slow economy. As I write this, we have over 2,000 filters on order which tells me you are doing well; in fact we are working our factory overtime to keep up. Our glass is half full – not half empty.

We just finished having a Lean Manufacturing consultant work with us to find ways to be more efficient and do a better job of producing our products. In addition we are about to launch some great new products and services.

You should have been contacted by email about one of them which is our new service of creating and managing a professional website for your company. This will be one of the most powerful tools you use to grow your local business.

We have hired a very special person with the skill to develop web based marketing tools. You will be very excited about this when you get to learn more about it. This is the future of marketing – not the newspapers or Yellow Pages. We have proved it in our company and are ready to share this with you.

So when you get a chance, please share with us what you are doing and what you would like to have us put in our next newsletter. Thanks for your trust in us and I promise that Air Care will always do its best to support your needs in this great service business.

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