Negative Air Scrubber 101

Negative Air Scrubber 101

What is a Negative Air Machine?

A negative air machine is a unit that provides a high CFM (Cubic Feet of air Movement) with very low ‘static pressure’ (water-lift).  There are several machines on the market to provide the amount of CFM one needs to do a specific job.  

Air-Care manufactures 3 different TurboJet Max negative air machines which provide the various CFM of air flow, and all units must have HEPA filtration.  Air-Care’s negative air machines have a 3-stage filter system, and all particulates and contaminates remain within the unit’s HEPA filtration system.

What is a Negative Air Machine Used For?

A negative air machine is used to created “negative air pressure” in any given area, and it may be used to confine contaminants in a given area of a room, building, etc.  Negative air machines can also be used as an “air scrubber” to filter out small air particulates in a room, homes, or commercial buildings.  

Clean air machines have also be known for use in “mold remediation”.  The primary use for Air-Care’s negative air machines is being used for cleaning HVAC ducting systems.  This method of cleaning is called the “push/pull” or “negative air” method of air duct cleaning.

How Many Negative Air Machines Do I Need for a Duct Cleaning Job?

One negative air machine providing a minimum of 2,000 CFM filtered air is sufficient to clean one air duct system measuring 2-5 ton units and up to a 2,000 SQ. foot home.  If the home is larger and has multiple HVAC systems, this is the minimum for each air system.  

The TurboJet Max II negative air machine provides 2,700 CFM and is recommend for these types of home and light commercial duct cleaning work as well.  The TurboJet SuperMax provides over 3,500 CFM of negative air is perfect for most residential homes and commercial work.  Multiple SuperMax units may be used in the larger commercial air duct systems, or ‘sectioning off’ the air system to do one area or ‘zone’ at a time.

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