NADCA Conference 2010

NADCA Conference 2010

I just returned from the NADCA Convention in Tucson.  The reaction to the conference was very good.  Wayne and I worked our booth during the Exhibit Hall hours.

One thing that was discussed while I was there, was the use of the NADCA logo in ads.  Unless you are a NADCA member, you cannot use their logo.  This is reserved for the companies that are current certified members.

When you come to our training at Air-Care, we do use the NADCA standards to train you, but that does not give you permission to use the NADCA logo.  We give you a certificate from Air-Care.

This can become very serious because NADCA watches this very closely.  It can lead to huge fines from NADCA.  You can become a member of NADCA by going to their website ( and filling out an application.  Of course, application fees and annual membership fees apply.

Please keep this in mind when placing ads.  You really shouldn’t use any logos of companies that you are not affiliated with.  In the next newsletter, I will discuss the use of the Air-Care logo in ads.

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