Material By the Numbers

Material By the Numbers

My name is Samantha Rector and I have worked for Air-Care 11 ½ years. My previous work experience was in retail. So when I was offered the purchasing position at Air-Care, it was something I had never done in the past. Always loving a challenge I said yes.

Some people say purchasing is an easy job and that it has to be like shopping and spending someone else’s money everyday. But I’m here to tell you that I have been doing this for 8 years and I am still learning. Purchasing is a tricky trade, you need to always be in tune with your company’s needs and these needs fluctuate frequently, causing you to change directions at any given time.

Over the years I have built many relationships with vendors that help us in getting priority on shipments and the best pricing possible.  This applies to both raw materials and services that allow us to constantly control our costs and inventories on hand.  As you probably know, when you have a good working relationship with a vendor, things will run much more efficiently for your own company and customers.

One big change within our company was expanding our purchasing overseas. Like many other American companies we always try to buy American, but unfortunately the prices in Asia are considerably less for some products and we are always striving to provide you with quality products at the best pricing possible.

The language barrier can be difficult and challenging, but we always find a way to overcome it.  Lead times on orders are always changing and can be rather difficult to handle at times, but we are learning the idiosyncrasies of our vendors the more we work with them.

I’ve accumulated some interesting facts about Air-Care’s purchasing over the past year and have listed them below:

  • Steel Purchases – Over 162,000 lbs or 81 Tons
  • Polyester Purchases – Over 303,000 Square Feet
  • Motors Purchased – Over 2,000
  • Number PO’s issued – Over 3,500
  • Gold Screws for Filters – Over 120,000
  • Gold Filter Frame – Over 214,000 Feet
  • Cardboard Boxes – Over 40,000
  • Polypropylene – Over 140,000 Square Feet

My ultimate goal everyday is to be sure we have inventory on hand to support you with our quality products at fair and reasonable pricing and quality.

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