Mary’s Marketing Message – June 2009

We recently introduced a new product, the “DuctMaster”.  We are continually looking to provide the best and most efficient equipment on the market today.  Although the DuctMaster was a new piece of equipment, we are still improving on the design and making it better for your use in the field.  We look to our customers for their input and suggestions to help us do that.  What our customers say matter and we want you to know that Air-Care appreciates it.

We are coming into the busy summer cleaning season and we can tell from your orders.  Please plan ahead, if you can, on placing orders.  Our lead times in the filter department are about 5-6 days right now (that does not include shipping).  That is strictly due to the amount of orders received.  We are working on getting that lead time down.  Please let your customers know, so they are not expecting something sooner than we can deliver.  Our usual lead time is 2 days for manufacturing and we always strive for that result.  We will get back there soon.  Our equipment lead time is running about 2 days.  Please anticipate that lead time when ordering.

During this busy season, make sure you take full advantage of each and every contact.  When in a customer’s home make sure they are aware of all the services you provide.  For example, if you don’t mention dryer duct cleaning, they may not be aware that you do that and won’t ask for it.  You have so many items you can offer such as filters, UV lights, odor control products and all the services, you don’t want to leave that homeowner wanting or needing any of these items and making them call someone else for it.  Good up-selling adds to your bottom line without much effort.

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