Leveraging Free Services To Make a Sale

Leveraging Free Services To Make a Sale

Offering free dryer vent cleaning to sell a full service job.
by Nate Hollembaek, Service Manager

Nate HollembaekAre you using free dryer vent cleaning and a discounted permanent filter as leverage to sell a full service duct cleaning?

Sometimes it’s hard for people to justify paying $400 or $500 on duct cleaning when they see all the bait and switch ads for $99.  Unfortunately, a lot of people believe what they read and listen to.  Too bad for them if they believe it. They’re going to be taken for their hundred dollars and get a blow and go job or a company that will come in and tell them their $99 job just went to $600.

We will always have those companies around and we will always have to compete with them, but if you take extra time in your presentation to explain that to the customer and give them references of past jobs you have done so they can check your reputation, they will most likely go with you.

Now if that isn’t enough, you can now tell them that normally you charge $150 (or whatever it is you charge) to clean dryer vents, but since you’ll already be here, you can do the dryer for free!  And if that isn’t enough, you can offer a permanent anti-microbial electrostatic filter for $65 instead of the normal price of $100 (or whatever it is you think is fair for you to still make a profit).

Basically, the goal is to make the customer feel as if they are getting a package deal and saving some money while getting quality work done.  If they still think that $500 is too much, tell them they only need to have this done once every five years, so it’s like $100 per year for clean indoor air.  Break that down to months and it’s a little over $8 per month.  Ask them if they feel that clean air and a more efficient running air system is worth $8 per month to them.  They will almost undoubtedly agree!

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