Introducing the TurboJet SuperMax – The Muscle Car of Negative Air Machines

Introducing the TurboJet SuperMax – The Muscle Car of Negative Air Machines

For over 30 years Air-Care has lead the duct cleaning industry in innovation.
We now introduce a muscle car of a negative air machine, the Air-Care TurboJet SuperMax.

The SuperMax is like a Corvette in that it is small, powerful and agile for normal everyday duct cleaning, but with a proprietary hybrid power unit, it DOUBLES its horsepower but it is still in a small, agile body.

Here’s more features:

  • Single, 3 horsepower, 3 phase motor
  • Single, enlarged backward incline blower with 100% more CFM
  • Single, 3 horsepower variable speed drive inverter that runs on 120 volts
  • Proprietary power combining electronics for ONE or TWO 120 volt power cords
  • Runs on one 120 volt power cord at 1.5 horsepower
  • Runs on two 120 volt independent power cords at 3 horsepower
  • Weighs 27-47 pounds less than any other dual motor duct cleaning machine
  • Electronic safety circuitry senses a missing ground and prevents running
  • Hybrid electronic design conditions both AC power inputs to feed a massive DC power bus which delivers power on demand to the inverter
  • Easily accessible panel for all electronic components
  • Freer flowing, mini-pleat HEPA filter manufactured by Air-Care

That’s how to take a high performance negative air machine and keep it small and light and DOUBLE its horsepower.  This is not simple, but with Air-Care’s imagination, innovative design and manufacturing dedicated to quality and performance right here in the United States, it’s definitely possible and now shipping at an unbelievably affordable price.

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