Increase Your Bottom Line

Increase Your Bottom Line

I have people coming to me everyday asking what we have to sell to help increase their bottom line.  They are already in the customer’s home offering their other services and what products to sell them.  We always refer them to our electrostatic air filters, which in air duct cleaning should be a “no brainer” of a sale.

One thing we don’t talk about very often is our UV Lights.  Air-Care is very proud to say that we are making a UV Light right here at our facility in Las Vegas.  We don’t have to worry about a vendor supplying them to us and having to tell you that they are “backordered”.

We are geared up to make UV Lights as fast as they are ordered.  Doesn’t that sound like other products we sell!?

Now it’s your turn.  ORDER TODAY!!  Look for an email with an offer you can’t refuse.

You can always call me and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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