How to Handle Lost Shipments

How to Handle Lost Shipments

Last month we discussed what to do if a package is received damaged; this month we are going to focus on lost packages. Occasionally a package might not reach its destination, if you believe this has happened the first thing that should be done is:

Have your customer check around their house, with family members and with neighbors. In many cases a neighbor or family member has received the filter and just not informed your customer yet.

Once that is done and the package is not located you will need to contact us so we can file a trace with the shipping company. Please note: we only have 21 days from delivery date to have a trace filed, after this date there will be no compensation for any lost package. When a trace is filed, the delivery driver will retrace his steps and go to where the package was delivered. It can take up to 14 business days for this process to be completed. In the meantime you have two options:

Your first option is to place a new order, but you will be charged for it. If the trace is approved, meaning the package cannot be located, we will issue you a credit for this order. However if the trace is declined, meaning the package was located and delivered, no credit will be issued.

Your second option is to wait for the trace results – if it is approved a new order will be shipped out.

One of the benefits of placing your orders online is your tracking number is emailed to you when the shipment leaves our warehouse. Your tracking numbers are also able to be viewed in the online ordering site under your account history.

We also email the invoices the day your product ships so you will have a general idea of when the package should arrive – anywhere from 1 – 7 business days depending on the destination. This provides an efficient way for you to keep track of your orders during the shipping process.

Please remember these guidelines are FedEx policies, not ours and we have no control over them. Be sure you are timely in reporting problems to us so we can resolve them promptly for you and your customer. If you report a problem after a deadline there is nothing that can be done.

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