Duct Leakage Testing Requirements

Duct Leakage Testing Requirements

Energy conservation is big all across the United States.  Have you looked in your own state to see what the requirements for homeowners are?

You may be surprised to find that the energy company and the state’s energy commission are instituting new regulations requiring duct leakage testing on retrofits and new construction.  Some states give incentives for these tests to be performed.  They also give homeowners incentives for correcting the problems that are found with duct leakage testing.

 Our DLT can help you with this.  Our duct leakage tester was designed with the contractor in dltmind.  You do not need to change out rings as with some other units used in the field.  It also has the manometer built into a case that has a pivotal stand so you don’t have to clumsily handle it separately.

Mike Stanovich and I were just in Washington state attending one of the 1 day courses for duct leakage testing.  Everyone in this class will be certified to perform duct leakage testing.

Take the time to look into your own state’s requirements.  This may be a service you can provide to your customers.

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