Customer Service Tips

Customer Service Tips

For a few years now you have been using our online Contractor Price List to place your orders, from filters and chemicals to all the other products we provide to make your business successful.

Recently you will have noticed a few wording changes that appear once your order has been placed so we decided to take this opportunity to give a bit more explanation in case there is any confusion.

Processing/Pending: This will appear once your order has been placed.  At this point you will also receive an email confirmation showing what is on the order and where it will be shipping to, it is important to review this and contact us immediately if any changes need to be made as there is a very limited window for us to do so.

Fulfilling: This is what your order will state once it has been imported into our system and is in line for production.  If you have ordered Electrostatic Air Filters there will have been an estimated production time at the top of the filter ordering page which gives you the average days it is taking to make the filters.

Complete: This means that your order is done and has shipped out of our warehouse.  At this point you will also be able to view your tracking information on the My Account tab on the website.

If you have any questions regarding this change you can contact any of our customer service reps and they will be able to help you.  We are constantly striving to make this site easily accessible and user friendly and hope that your experience has been a positive one so far.

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