Customer Service Tips

Customer Service Tips

Our offices are decorated, the warm clothes are out (yes it does get cold in Vegas), and shopping is being done.  We are ready for the holidays.

Our customer service department is full of dedicated and powerful people who strive for excellence. They are your first contact when reaching out to Air-Care whether by phone, fax or email. They are there for you with any questions you might have and will quickly direct you to the right individual if they don’t have the answer themselves. Air-Care and its employees understand that our customers are essential to our business and our customer service makes sure that you feel that way when dealing with us.

Our team: Melanie, April, Ashley, Ana, Sam, TwAnnette, Eddie, Mary and Mike are employees who give their all to Air-Care and its customers. They look forward to a new year and the opportunity to help you in the future.

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