Contacting Commercial Customers

Contacting Commercial Customers

How To Find the Lucrative Commercial Jobs
by Wayne Tracy, Operations Manager

Wayne TracyThere are several approaches you can take to reach out to commercial property owners/managers to earn their business.  In this issue of our newsletter I’ll discuss a few of them and follow up with other methods over the next few months.

You have to be careful using this type of media, an ad in the local weekly or daily newspaper probably would not make a lot of sense in attracting commercial accounts.  You need to invest your dollars carefully and be in publications that the local business person is going to be looking at.  The larger the city you’re located in, the more choices you’ll have.

Listed below are publications that may be good sources to advertise in:

  • Chamber of Commerce Magazines or Newsletters
  • Chamber of Commerce Business Directories
  • Trade Organization Magazines or Newsletters (i.e. local building contractors, building engineers, Restaurant Owners Association, etc.)
  • Civic Organizations – Business Owners and Managers tend to belong to these organizations (i.e. Rotary Club, Lions Club, Elks Club, etc.).

By advertising in these publications you may also be given the opportunity to speak at events about your company and services.  If they don’t ask you – ask them for the opportunity to introduce your company and services.

Belonging to the organizations I talked about above is also a great means of meeting and talking to business people in your community.  Not only are business meetings held within these organizations, there are also social activities that let you interact with other business professionals.

Having the ability to network with other business professionals can lead to jobs directly for them or referrals from them for other opportunities.  Membership costs will vary, but generally can be written off each year (check with your accountant).

Many organizations, especially business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, will also have events that let you set up a booth or display to showcase your business (often at little or no cost).

While it’s important to have a presence in the yellow pages, people are not looking here as often as they did in the past.  The cost of advertising in the yellow pages has come down, but is still quite expensive for the amount of calls it may produce.

If you are going to have a yellow page ad, be sure your ad is very concise and use as few words as possible to get your message out.  When your potential customer is looking for your service in the Yellow Pages, he usually will not take a lot of time to “read” your ad, they want to see what you’re offering with a quick glance.  He may bypass your ad if it’s too wordy.

Be sure you use the words Commercial Duct Cleaning in your ad, otherwise the commercial prospect may overlook your ad.

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