Contact Cleaning vs Negative Air Cleaning: Pros and Cons

by Buddy Rigotti

Here’s my thoughts on Contact Cleaning vs Negative Air Cleaning Pros and Cons

Contact Cleaning:

  • Pros: You don’t have to block off the openings; you can do dryer vent cleaning with the DuctMaster and TruckMaster (although you’ll need to purchase some minor tools if you only have the TruckMaster)
  • Cons: You have to take the machine around to every room/vent instead of just a cleaning tool; the big con is that you can’t truly fog the air system properly because there is no airflow to take the fog mist down the duct line. You can only usually get several feet down each duct line

Negative Air Cleaning (aka Push-Pull Cleaning)

  • Pros: It’s easier to get a more thorough cleaning, especially with air powered tools because you don’t have to physically touch every square inch of the interior surface of the duct in order to clean it; you can do fogging the correct way; this was the original standard way to do duct cleaning until contact cleaning came around
  • Cons: It take a bit more time because you have to block off the openings; you can’t do dryer vent cleaning with negative air equipment

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