President's Corner

The Art of the Add-on

Well let me start by wishing you a happy 2010 and a lot of success in your business.

Success is measured in many ways and the most important is making sales. In any business there is one type of sale that brings the most profit, a single sales activity that can make the greatest difference in your company’s profitability. Not taking advantage of this all-important sales opportunity will cost you thousands of dollars. The sale is called “up-sell”or “add on” sales.

The reason this type of sale is so profitable is because you have already invested in the cost of acquiring and servicing this client. You have already paid for the gas and the wear and tear on you and your equipment.

Therefore, anything that is added to the already sold service is extremely profitable. How simple it is to make these sales is going to shock you.

1. Just mention it
2. Use presentation materials
3. Show them the product
4. Explain the benefits

That’s all it takes; but you must do it. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results and wonder why you didn’t start this a long time ago.

Selling is a very simple process all you need to do is be sure you “Find A Need And Fill It”. Your services and products absolutely meet that standard. So grow your business and make a lot of people happy they found you.

Suggested up-sell products and services:

1. Electrostatic Air Filter
2. Kool-Wrap Condenser Filter
3. UVC Lights Air Purifier
4. Dryer Vent Alarm
5. Ultra Odor Kill Solid
6. CleanBreeze Aerosol (new)
7. Ozone Machine
8. Duct Sealing (Soot Set)
9. Sanitizer (Soporicidin)
10. Coil Cleaning
11. Video Inspection
12. Duct Leakage Testing

See You Next Month

Richard Papaleo

Sluggish Economy, Booming Industry

Can you believe it? We are half way through the year! How time flies when you are having fun. At Air-Care, that is what we try to do every day. You need to have a passion for what you do, and if you do, time is something you just don’t have enough of.

You need to be a master at multi-tasking; most small business owners learn that early on. We are making improvements every day on our method of doing daily tasks and at the same time developing new and improved products.

A lot of the equipment changes come from your input and our field testing. It’s a lot like polishing a rock. It just gets better over time. One of the recent decisions was to bring back our Cobra Brush system. It will be called the Cobra 5 and will be a lot lighter in weight and have some great features. We plan to have them ready by the end of July so look for our email notices and catalog update.

Even though the economy is still struggling to grow, we find that our industry is doing well. In fact we have been hireing new people to help us keep up with the demand and continue our world class customer support. So Mr. Obama, we are doing our part – now it’s your turn. Let’s grow our economy and keep people working.

See you next month.

Richard Papaleo

Staying Positive and Profitable in a Down Economy

Our company has always been “lean and mean”. Being conservative and creative has been our business model. There have been a number of slow downs in our 30 years in business and we have always made it work.

Change can be seen as a problem or an opportunity; here at Air Care we see every change as an opportunity to find new ways to grow and stay ahead of the pack. This year is no exception.

You, as a small business owner, represent the majority of commerce in the United States. It’s the small businesses that keep the economic engine running, so you need to be creative and help our nation get through this challenging time. We will be sharing with you any and all ideas that will improve your sales. It is important for everyone to think outside the box and make a difference.

President’s Corner – Temps are Rising and So Is Business

Well summer has started early here in Las Vegas. It was 107 degrees here yesterday and you can bet that all the air conditioners are running full time. That means more service work for us and in fact, we have put out another truck to support the increase in work. These are good problems to have and I hope all of you have the same “problem”.

Not only has our service business increased but our filter and equipment sales have grown as well. This has caused us to hire more people and invest in more manufacturing equipment. Las Vegas was one of the most affected cities in the nation as related to unemployment at 14%, and in spite of that, we are one of the very few companies in the nation that are growing.

On another subject we have decided to manufacture our own UVC lights in-house to control the quality and the supply of units. We will be shipping out units immediately and plan to be able to support over 2,000 units per month as our first production goal. We have been using the Lean Manufacturing process for years with our filter production and will introduce the same process with UVC lights. This will insure the lowest cost to produce and improve our product flow to make timely deliveries.

You may or may not know that we are also manufacturing our own HEPA filters and have invested in equipment to support that process.  Every day we are looking for ways to improve our products and contain cost to make our equipment and parts the most competitive in our industry.

Thanks for your support and confidence in our company.

Richard Papaleo

Our Wonderful Vacation

Well since last month was the vacation month for most people, I want to share with you what my wife and I did for our vacation.

This was a first for us in a number of ways. My wife and I have been married for 47 years and have gone on a lot of vacations together but this was the first time we have been gone for a month and we went to some places we have never been.

Our first destination was Niagara Falls NY then on to Boston to visit family. Next, to the Statue Of Liberty in NY and then to Hershey, PA to see the Chocolate capital of the USA. Then we headed home.

There is some thing else I need to mention. We traveled in our 43 foot motor home with our two dogs – how much fun is that?! Of course, we stayed in touch with the office since we have a computer on board and I did receive a lot of email.

All in all, the trip was about 6,000 miles round trip with lots of rest stops, restaurants and truck stops for fuel.

The USA is such a large country with so many interesting places to see. Everyone should see as much of it as possible. Talk to all of you next month.

The President’s Corner – September 2009

As you all know the month of August is a big vacation month and guess what? My wife and I and our two small dogs went on a vacation in our motor home to South Dakota. You might be asking, “Why South Dakota?” Well most of you have heard of Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial – if you haven’t, Google them.

It was our first time to SD and it is very beautiful – lots of mountains and great panoramic views. It is hard to put into words the enormous undertaking these two projects represent; you can only appreciate them by seeing them in person.

crazy horseWe read the literature about who did this and how this was all done and it is fascinating, but the thing that made it equally exciting for me was the dedication it took to make this happen. The vision and passion it took to even start such projects is mind blowing.

On our long drive home (days) all I could think about was this: if we all had a little more of their vision and determination, imagine the greatness we all could achieve. Like all successful entrepreneurs these same virtues are needed. Crazy Horse Memorial was started by one person over 60 years ago and it’s not even half way done.

So when you feel down or think the task ahead of you is too great, think of what these magnificent accomplishments took to create. By the way, both of these memorials produce serious profits.

If you get a chance I recommend a trip to see them.

President’s Corner, April 2014

As promised, we have released for delivery our new “Mini Cam” video camera. We have used this new camera a number of times on jobs here in Las Vegas and it is wonderful and easy to use. Be sure to take a look at it on our website and if you have questions give us a call or e-mail us.

We have made some changes again at Air-Care due to our growth and have decided to improve our customer service function. In an effort to make your experience with us a good one, and to help you every step of the way, we have created a special “go-to” person that will be your contact and will direct you to the correct department or get information that you may need. Ana Valle is that person.

She has been with us for 5 years, working in our customer service department. She has an extensive understanding of our business. Ana will be the one that can give you status of orders or direct you to the right person for tech support in any area you have a concern or question. Ana will also contact you with special offers, introduce new products and explain the benefits these new products will have to your business.

We are all excited about this improved service and we are sure you will like it too. It is our goal to be the very best we can be and make your experience with Air-Care a great one.

Thanks for your confidence in us and we will talk to you next month.,

R Papaleo

Why Cleaning Air Ducts is Not Your Most Important Skill

Our newsletters are intended to be a form of sharing information about our industry and specifically how Air Care products and training help all of you do a better job.

One of the things I always tell new people that get involved with our company is that learning how to clean air systems is pretty easy. If no one ever told you how to do it you would probably figure it out after doing a few jobs and making some mistakes. But in the end, you would get it.

I am not suggesting this approach; training is very important and gets you up to speed very quickly.  The only point I am trying to make is knowing how to do the work, in my opinion, is not the most important thing to learn. What good is it to be the best air system cleaner if you don’t have a customer to offer your service to? The weak link in most small businesses is their lack of ability to market there products or services.

Establishing the proper value for your service is just as important as finding the right customers. The sell price that you offer your customers must be fair to both parties. If you under sell the value of your service then you won’t be around long. If you over-charge, you could have the same results.

At Air Care, we offer 30 years worth of experience related to these issues and share them with you in many ways. If you have not taken advantage of our training consider doing so; it could improve the way you do business and add to your bottom line.

The US Department of Commerce states that most small business fail due to lack of capitalization and not understanding the business they are in. We have addressed these two problems at Air Care and have helped many businesses overcome them.

I hope this has been helpful.

Richard Papaleo

President’s Corner – Our new DLT is set to release March 15!

A few years ago there were only a few states that required duct leakage testing. Now there are 44 states that require it. This is a large opportunity for our industry and we are in the right place at the right time to participate.

A few years ago we designed a duct leakage testing unit and now have redesigned it with many new and improved features. I have been telling you about this for months and now our target release date is March 15, 2012.

We have worked very hard for months to make this new DLT 5 operator friendly and very easy to use. This compact unit has its own rotation-molded cart which is easy to store and move from your vehicle to the job site and is completely self-contained with all the accessories you need to do a professional job. There will be a complete training program for this product and the normal first-class tech support you have become accustom to.

This is one of three products that will make up our new product line related to energy conservation. With the whole world looking for ways to improve and reduce their energy consumption, this new product line will be a winner for everyone – and most of all your customers.

We will be sending you email blasts with detailed information so keep an eye open for them. One of the other benefits of these products is that a lot of local energy companies are offering rebates for some or all of these services. This will really help the consumer.

On another subject, we have decided to manufacture our own HEPA filters and have invested in tooling to do just that. This will allow us control over the quality and quick response to orders for this complex product.

As you can see we have been very busy and we see this year as one of our best. With your help and confidence we can all improve our progress toward more profits and growing our businesses.

See you next month!

Richard Papaleo

President’s Corner, February 2014

Here we are again in the middle of winter and some of you are experiencing some very cold and snowy weather, but it won’t be long until spring and summer are here and we all will be complaining about the hot weather.

There have been some changes at Air Care which is not unusual. We now have a new building that helped us expand and we have moved most of our assembly activity into this new building which allows for further growth. In addition to that change, we have released a new product: the Max II Dual Fogger. Yes, we designed a fogger with two tanks in one and now you only need one fogger to spray two products. There are some wonderful features and the quality is first class. You already have been sent an email blast introducing it with a special introductory offer. You should also go to our website and see the details, I believe you will really like it. A lot of work went into the design and tooling to make this a one-of-a-kind product and this is truly a major improvement which saves you money and is much more practical to use.

We have another item that is planned for release. It is a new VIS (Video Inspection System) and it will be ready by the end of February. You will be very impressed with what we have done, so look for information about this new product in the next few weeks.

Well that’s it for now, thanks for your support and keep “Turning Clean Air Into Money”

See you next month,

R Papaleo