Air Filters

Ordering Electrostatic Air Filters

Throughout the year we have numerous customers call about the difference between custom and standard filters. It’s important to remember when ordering filters to make sure that you take the time to order the correct size and type of filter.

All custom filters are cut to the exact measurements of the sizes that are entered in the online ordering system. You have to allow for a 1/8” overall manufacturing tolerance on both custom and standard filters. Custom filters cannot be returned, so be sure your are accurate in entering measurements.

All standard filters are a nominal cut, meaning we undercut 3/8” from the size listed. All standard filters can be returned as long as they are still in the original shrink wrap and have not been used. Standard filters are subject to a 20% restocking fee and return shipping at your expense. You must call prior to returning filters to obtain a return authorization number from our customer service department.

We carry 41 standard sizes listed below:

8 X 24 X 1
10 X 10 X 1
10 X 20 X 1
10 X 24 X 1
10 X 30 X 1
12 X 12 X 1
12 X 20 X 1
12 X 24 X 1
12 X 25 X 1
12 X 30 X 1
12 X 36 X 1
14 X 14 X 1
14 X 20 X 1
14 X 24 X 1
14 X 25 X 1
14 X 30 X 1
15 X 20 X 1
15 X 25 X 1
16 X 16 X 1
16 X 20 X 1
16 X 24 X 1
16 X 25 X 1
16 X 30 X 1
16 X 32 X 1
16 X 36 X 1
18 X 18 X 1
18 X 20 X 1
18 X 24 X 1
18 X 25 X 1
18 X 30 X 1
18 X 36 X 1
19 X 27 X 1
20 X 20 X 1
20 X 24 X 1
20 X 25 X 1
20 X 30 X 1
20 X 32 X 1
21 X 21 X 1
24 X 24 X 1
24 X 30 X 1
25 X 25 X 1

All of our filters are offered in arrestance rates of 82% & 94%. The difference between these are: 82% percent has one less layer of polypropylene which allows more air to flow through but it will collect less debris than the 94% which has the extra layer of polypropylene and will collect more debris.

We also offer 3 types of filters: Gold Frame, Silver Frame or Flexible Frame. Our Gold filters have a rigid frame and the polypropylene material is UV resistant, which means that if you have a UV light in the system you need to use this type of filter. Silver filters have a little more give to them and the flex filters have no rigid frame around the material.

Helpful Info About Our Air Filters

This month, we are passing on a little information regarding our Electrostatic Air Filters.  When speaking to our customers, we are often asked about the difference in filter type, size and arrestance.  Here’s some information that might help you when determining what your customer needs.

Custom filters
  – are cut to the exact measurements that are entered when you are ordering online.

Standard filters
  – are undercut by 3/8″ from the size listed.  Keep in mind you should allow for a 1/8″ overall manufacturing tolerance.

We offer 2 types of arrestance; 82% and 94%. The 94% arrestance filter has a higher filtering capacity whereas the 82% is slightly less but it is also less restrictive on the airflow.  If you are concerned about which one to choose, you can calculate the proper filter arrestance using the tab on our online ordering site, it is located right above the filter types after you login.

We also offer 3 types of filter frames; Gold, Silver and Flex.

Our Gold frame is a gold anodized extruded aluminum frame, that consists of 4 separate pieces fastened together by a screw in each corner.  These filters only come in a 1″ depth.

Our Silver frame is made of a single piece of roll-formed aluminum riveted together at each corner.  It slightly less strong and sturdy as the gold frame but, it is more cost effective.  These filters can be purchased in ½”, 1″, or 2″ depths.

Our 3rd option is the Flexible filters which are not made with aluminum frames but rather sewn with flexible polypropylene webbing around the edge.  This allows for use in tight fitting areas where bending the filter might be needed to get it installed.

One other thing to be aware of when it comes to our filters is production time. When you login and get to the filter page you will notice what our current production time is.  This is determined by how many filter orders we are currently working on.  We send out an average of 300-400 filters a day and try to keep production to about 2-3 business days, but this can change at any time, knowing this will help you determine when you or your customer should receive their filter.   Hopefully this should help!

How to properly care for your electrostatic air filter

Here is some of what we have heard from the consumer:

“We were told the filters only need to be cleaned every 6 months”

“We were told these filters do not need cleaning or upkeep”

Both of these statements are untrue and should not be told to the customer. Failing to clean the filter will increase the resistance and possibly cause damage to system components.

As the seller of our air filter, you should be aware of how to maintain them and take the time to inform the consumer of this information.

Here are a few easy steps for cleaning of the filter which should be done about every 4-6 weeks:

  • Simply remove the air filter
  • Spray the side that faces the incoming air with ZAP! CLEANER.
  • Flush with water in opposite direction of air flow arrows then rinse other side.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove remaining dirt.
  • Drain excess water and reinstall.

Following these steps will make sure the filter is kept in good working order.

To help get this information out to the consumer we include an insert with all our filters with pictures and instructions. We also have information on how to clean electrostatic air filters at our website on

Additionally, customers can register their air filter at; After registering, they will be sent an email every 30 days reminding them to clean their air filter.

You will find that when you take a few minutes to educate your customer, it will promote a better relationship; and we all know that a happy customer means potentially more business.