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Pricing Contact Cleaning & Negative Air Cleaning

maryAs you are well aware, there are two different ways to do duct cleaning.  One is using contact cleaning which is where you are disturbing and collecting the debris from the same point.  The other is negative air, which is where you are hooking up a negative air machine to the main supply, blocking all the other openings and disturbing the debris by brushing or using compressed air.  Each way works well depending on the situation or the configuration of the ducts and how dirty they are.  They both have their benefits.  They also take varying times for cleaning.


Wayne’s Service Tips – Air Duct Cleaning Subcontracting

Contractor or sub-contractor? You should be both!
We are all contractors of one type or another but are you also a SUB CONTRACTOR?

If not, you’re missing out on a great source of potential income with virtually no cost associated with it.  Most everyone in business networks with other companies, friends, business associates and even family – but that usually results in occasional referral business. (more…)

Wayne’s Service Tips – Duct Leakage Testing

wayneWith today’s high-energy costs and the likelihood future costs will only increase, homeowners are looking for ways to save energy. In most homes the costs of heating and/or cooling their homes account for at least 30% of their energy consumption.

Installing new and more energy efficient systems is one way of saving money. However, if there is substantial leakage in their air duct system much of that savings is lost. Other than large obvious openings in a system, most leakage comes from hard to see or locate areas of a duct system. Without special equipment and established procedures it is often difficult or impossible to find the source of many leaks.


Wayne’s Service Tips – Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

wayneWe hear over and over again from air-duct cleaning contractors that commercial projects are too big or complicated to take on.  We feel the bigger the better, and believe me it is very true.  What would you rather retrieve from your mailbox a $300.00 check or a $3,000.00 or even a $30,000.00 check?  I’m sure the answer is obvious to everyone.

While there are more requirements and obstacles to overcome on a commercial project, you simply charge to overcome them.  If larger or more duct cleaning equipment is needed the cost of this will usually be recovered from the profits of the job.  If you do not have enough employees or you work alone, don’t worry about it – just contact a temporary employment agency.


Wayne’s Service Tips – Dryer Duct Cleaning

wayneThe Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that there are an estimated 15,500 Fires, 10 deaths, and 310 injuries associated with clothes dryer fires every year. CPSC also estimates over $84,000,000 in property damage each year as a result of clothes dryer fires.

Are you offering dryer duct cleaning as part of your everyday business? If not, you are missing out on a very profitable add-on to your duct cleaning business; or do dryer duct cleaning as a stand-alone business. We offer all the equipment you need to provide a professional, thorough cleaning of residential and commercial dryer ducts.


Promote Your Business With a Custom Marketing Website

UPDATE: This Service Is No Longer Being Offered

It’s Coming Soon!
The Internet is quickly becoming the primary source of information that consumers look to for products and services such as air duct cleaning. The yellow pages is no longer the standard due to the high expense and endless competition.

Perfect Marketing Package
Air-Care has developed an out-of-the-box custom marketing website package exclusively for Air-Care customers. It is the best way to effectively and inexpensively promote your duct cleaning business. Your website will be professionally designed and customized with your contact information. It will include colorful graphics, pictures, and videos that Air-Care has developed to promote the service of duct cleaning to your potential customers. Your customized website will even have text and descriptions that you can use to promote your business – or you can write your own. It’s completely customizable.

Easy Setup
Air-Care will do all the setup for you. Our webmasters will take care of the technology while you take care of your business. You don’t need any knowledge of website design or programming. Our user friendly website management system will allow you to customize your site with your own photos, logo, monthly specials, etc. If you can send an e-mail, you will be able to manage your website. The Air-Care Custom Marketing Website package will be a fantastic value and pay for itself many times over.

Search Engine Optimized
Your website should be promoted on your business cards and advertisements to increase professionalism and bring in new prospects and leads. It will be search engine friendly and targeted to your local area so potential customers will find you when they search for duct cleaning services in your area.

The custom marketing website system is not available yet, but we will let you know as soon as it is, so look for more information to come.