Air System Cleaning Steps & Procedures: A Simple List to Follow

Air System Cleaning Steps & Procedures: A Simple List to Follow

by Wayne Tracy
wayneI’ve been asked a few times over the past few weeks for a simple list of steps to follow for a typical full service system cleaning job.  While every job has its own unique circumstances and conditions the following list contains the basic steps for a full service project.

A full service job includes the following (download flyer):

  • Cleaning of grills and registers.
  • Cleaning of the Air Handler/Furnace.
  • Cleaning of all ducting including plenum boxes, trunk lines, supply and return ducting.
  • Fogging Soot Set, Odor Kill, & Envirocon into the duct system.

Below are the steps for a full service cleaning:

  1. A polite greeting and introduction to your customer
  2. Go over pricing and service options for the job if it has not been pre-sold
  3. If previously sold review pricing and services sold with the customer
  4. Have customer sign Service Order/Authorization to perform services
  5. Complete your pre-inspection report.
  6. Clean the air handler/furnace. This cleaning should include cleaning of the blower section and the evaporator coil.  Don’t forget to wipe down the outside surface of the unit as well.  If any part of the heat exchanger surface is accessible that should also be vacuumed.
  7. Clean the supply and return trunk lines and plenum boxes.  Some systems, especially on the west coast will not have trunk lines, but simply interconnected ducting.
  8. Spread drop cloths throughout the house in areas you will be working.  A simple rule to follow would be a drop cloth wherever a stepladder will be set and any piece of furniture in direct vicinity of a grill or register.
  9. Remove all grills and registers and thoroughly clean
  10. Vacuum all supply register pans and return openings
  11. If providing a negative air cleaning install the foam register plug after vacuuming the register pan
  12. Clean each duct line individually using the sidewinder, forward/reverse air whisk, or the brushmaster for negative air cleaning.  Or the Ductmaster/Truckmaster brush & hose assembly for contact cleaning
  13. After cleaning all duct lines apply the appropriate chemicals using the Air-Care fogger to each duct line
  14. Patch any sheet metal access cuts you may have made for cleaning access
  15. Install the cleaned grills and registers.  Be sure you remove all the foam register plugs you installed for negative air cleaning
  16. Collect all drop cloths and thoroughly clean any areas you worked in.  My policy is that the home must always look as good or better when we leave then it did when we arrived
  17. Complete the post cleaning inspection report and do a walk through of the home with your customer
  18. Collect payment and thank your customer

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