Air Duct Cleaning & Subcontracting

Air Duct Cleaning & Subcontracting

Are you a contractor or a sub-contractor? You should be both!

We are all contractors of one type or another but are you also a
sub-contractor? If not, you’re missing out on a great source of potential income with virtually no cost associated with it. Most everyone in business networks with other companies, friends, business associates and even family – but that usually results only in occasional referral business.

By working on relationships with HVAC contractors, property management companies, restoration companies, etc., and giving them a chance to profit from selling a job for you, you’ll find you get much better results than what a referral business will bring you.

You usually have to invest 10 to 20% of your gross income on advertising to attract business. By passing this savings onto the company you sub-contract to, they make a fair profit with little investment on their part. Remarkably you still make the same profit on the jobs you do for them, because no advertising dollars were needed to attract this work.

We offer our contractors a 20% discount off the price we would normally charge a residential customer. On a $650.00 full service duct cleaning job we charge them $520.00; that’s a clean profit for them of $130.00 with virtually no costs associated with it. We do give up some profit, but we do not have to invest in expensive media ads to earn this business. Most of our contractors will offer their field employees a spiff for any duct cleaning jobs they sell. You can have a massive sales force selling your business with no payroll.

In other words, they sell the job, call you to get it scheduled and you take care of it from there. Once they put it in your hands, it’s up to you to be sure to provide prompt, quality service. Like any job you must always satisfy the customer – now you have 2 customers to satisfy for the same job; the homeowner and the contractor.

It takes a little time to find and develop these relationships, however, once you do you’ll find it can easily add 20 to 30% to your annual business volume. It’s also important to be sure you get your contractor’s referrals from your customer base and contacts. In other words take good care of those who take care of you.

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