Air Duct Cleaning Equipment – Freight Shipments

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment – Freight Shipments

If you have purchased equipment or, if you are looking to get equipment, you should be educated on not just what you are getting but how it is going to be shipped to you.  Here are some tips for you to remember when that time comes (which is hopefully soon).

We ship via FedEx Freight & FedEx National


Freight costs are based on destination and shipping weights. Therefore, if you have a quote that includes freight charges and then your quote is updated, chances are that your freight charges will also change.

The length of time in transit will vary depending on your location. All equipment is shipped out of Las Vegas so shipments will arrive in a couple days for the west coast but can take 4-5 days to arrive in the east coast.  Please keep in mind that FedEx does offer expedited shipping but this is a substantial increase in price (often more than $1,000).

There are also additional charges for optional services that FedEx offers. We will need to know at the time of quoting whether any of these services will be needed.

  • Residential Delivery
    If the packages are being delivered to a home we will need the contact name and phone number of the person accepting delivery so the delivery can be scheduled by a FedEx representative
  • Liftgate
    Unless you request this you will be responsible for unloading the shipment by hand or a forklift if you have one.
  • Inside Delivery
    This service includes the driver helping you carry boxes into your facility.

There is also a fee if you need to reroute the package so please verify the address with our sales department when the order is placed.  Also please make people at the delivery address aware of the shipment so there is not a problem getting it delivered.

technicianIf you request any of these optional services from a FedEx representative either by phone or with the driver the fees will be billed to you either by FedEx directly or by Air-Care if the charges are added to our invoice.  If billed to us, we will bill you for the additional charges.

Please always verify that the bill of lading matches the number of pallets/boxes you receive and check for any damages.  If anything is missing or there are any damages this must be noted with the driver and written on their copy of the delivery receipt.  You must also notify us immediately so we can determine if a claim needs to be filed.

Please refer to our November 2009 newsletter for how to handle damaged shipments.

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