Air-Care Training and Resources

Air-Care Training and Resources

Dick Papaleo talked about the marketing of air duct cleaning services and how important it is.  It brought to mind how important it is to use Air-Care as a resource for information and training.

Air-Care conducts live training here in Las Vegas on the 2nd Monday and Tuesday of every month.  We have an additional 3rd day (optional) that deals with commercial only.  This training deals with everything from equipment, procedures and hands-on operation to marketing, prospecting and pricing.  The commercial training teaches you about how commercial duct systems differ from residential and what procedures are needed to clean these systems.  It also goes through the uniqueness of pricing commercial jobs.

We have been cleaning duct systems in Las Vegas for over 30 years.  We have cleaned everything from mobile homes to the massive MGM Grand.  Why not use us for this kind of knowledge?  We know what you face out there everyday in the air duct cleaning world.  This is the information we pass onto you during our training classes.  If you can’t come to Las Vegas for 2 or 3 days, our DVD’s give you this information in an abbreviated format.  Of course, live training is more valuable because we can answer your specific questions, but our 800 number is available to call during our business hours and we can answer your questions that way.

The best part of this training and technical support is that it’s free to customers who purchase equipment from us.  You can purchase the training at a very reasonable rate and if, after training, you decide to purchase an equipment package valued at $5,000 or more, we will reimburse you for the training.  If you purchase equipment before training we don’t charge you at all.

Keep us in mind next time you need an answer to a question about a job or a bid that you are doing.

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