Air-Care is Going Green

Air-Care is Going Green

First, Everyone at Air-Care would like to express our gratitude to you and say thanks for choosing Air-Care as your business partner. Today, we are excited to announce that Air-Care is going green, one-step at a time.

Thanks to some recent customer suggestions, we have taken our first major steps towards some new process improvements, which make Air-Care a whole lot more earth-friendly.

Shortly, Air-Care will no longer use the unnecessary plastic shrink-wrap on our electrostatic air filters before we package and ship them out to you. We understand that the shiny stuff (plastic shrink-wrap) looks good when you first open the packaging; however, we have learned it is not so good for our earth so we are going to stop using landfill-filling plastic shrink-wrap whenever possible in our effort toward being a more “green” company.

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