6 Tips on Making a Flyer

6 Tips on Making a Flyer

1. The Headline
The first thing a reader sees is the headline in any flyer or advertisement. This is why it should be the biggest, boldest thing on your flyer. Pay attention to where the headline is the next time you flip through a magazine… you’ll be surprised.

2. Color Palette
Choose colors that agree with each other and use no more than five. You can choose complimentary (opposite on the color wheel) or analogous (neighbors on the color wheel) or you can grab a few extra color palette cards the next time you’re in the paint aisle. I like to do this and keep them on hand for inspiration when starting a new project.

3. Theme
As with colors, when you have a running theme throughout your flyer, the reader will be less likely to get confused and will more likely retain the message you are trying to send them.

4. Call To Action
This one might seem simple enough but you’d be amazed at how often it’s missed. Give your readers explicit instructions on how to get a hold of you. You can do this with buttons that link to a specific page on a website or with your phone number and a reason to call. Make it worth their while.

5. Typography
The human brain processes more information than you think when it comes to fonts, size, color and the placement of the letters next to, above and below each other. A good rule of thumb is sans-serif for headlines, call to actions and bullets. Serif is good for paragraphs and other blocks of text. I tend to use the same fonts over and over because they work.

6. Spell Check
Trust me, a misspelled word will not only project ineptness about the flyer’s designer but also about the product or company it is representing.  It’s there, use it.

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