C.E.F Electrostatic Air Filter Cleaner

C.E.F Cleaner is the perfect product to keep electrostatic air filters clean, efficient and effective.

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Cable – 3/8 inch X 50 ft Cobra IV

For use with the Cobra IV

This item is on backorder until November 2021.  Please contact customer service at cservice@air-care.com or 702-454-5515 for more information 


Chemical 32oz Multi Pack – 12 Pack

The contractor chemical multi pack is a great way to experience the cleaners and deodorizers that Air-Care offers.  


3ea C.E.F

3ea U.O.K.

3ea Coil Brite II

3ea Dynamite

Chemical Multi Pack


1 Gallon of Soot Set

1 Gallon of Ultra Odor Kill

1 Gallon EnviroCON 

32oz of Coil Brite II

32oz of Dynamite