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Duct Leakage Tester - DLT5

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Duct Leakage Tester

Nothing stirs up client complaints like unexpectedly high energy bills and low comfort. So if you’re a contractor who cares about quality control and customer loyalty, testing for duct leakage has to be a priority.

Air-Care, the indoor air quality specialists, has the latest, simplest and surest way to get duct-leakage testing done.

The DLT, Duct Leakage Testing System has a variety of features specially designed for service providers to get the best possible diagnosis of duct leakage in the HVAC system.

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Duct Leakage Testing EquipmentSimplicity

The DLT instrumentation and software are easy to use. Results appear as an easy-to-read homeowner report or a more detailed technical report.


Specially designed for use in the field, the DLT is easily transported, yet its rugged construction is built to last.


The DLT can be attached directly to the HVAC system’s central return or be used to measure air flows through handler fans, registers and grills, and exhaust fans. The software will automatically detect if the fan is setup for pressurization or depressurization, post the mode on the screen and perform appropriate calculations.


Guessing is no longer an option. The DLT gives quick and accurate air-tightness measurements from 15 to 650 CFM, allowing you to demonstrate duct-leakage problems and estimate efficiency losses.

DLT Control Panel

DLT Panel

Each Air-Care DLT system includes:

  • Easy transport with lightweight cart
  • Air mover with solid-state power supply and auto-speed control.
  • Notebook computer with preloaded operating software (or you can provide your own Windows-based laptop)*.
  • Multi-function digital manometer with 3 separate tranducers.
  • Desktop that sits atop air mover and reaches desk height.
  • Connecting hose, adapter plate and accessories.

How the DLT works:

  • Power down the HVAC system and seal all known supply and return openings.
  • Achieve normal operating pressure in the HVAC system with the variable flow, external air mover.
  • DLT calculatese the air flow required to maintain this pressure.
  • Press "save" to produce a report that provides data to the customer for corrective actions.


Software Screenshot

DLT Screenshot


DLT-5 Specifications
Air Mover:
Fan Type 12” Axial Backward Inclined
Motor PSC Built into Center of Blower Wheel
Case Construction Rotational Molded
Speed Control Digital, feedback controlled
Maximum Airflow: Free Air 882 Free Air
Maximum Airflow: 25 Pa 650 w/ Duct attached
Power Required 115 Volt AC @ 2.2 Amps
Duct Pressure Sensor 90 Deg tube w/ Magnetic base
Duct Pressure Measurement Digital Transducer with Multiplex signal processor
Air Flow Sensor Tri-Port Digital transducer
Air Flow Measurement Firmware averaging and Software data recording
Back Pressure Measurement Differential Pressure transducer
Range of Measurement 15 to 650 cfm @ 25 Pa
DLT-5 Cart with all accessories installed 19” L x 24” W x 36” H
Notebook Computer 9” W x 4” D x  1.8” Thick (Folded)
10.1 In. Screen
DLT-5 Cart with all accessories installed 61 lbs
Notebook Computer 2 lbs
Total Shipping Weight 73 lbs
Duct Leakage Tester, DLT-5 One Year

*Windows Vista is not supported.

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