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Air Duct Cleaning Accessories and Supplies

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Cobra 5 Air Duct Cleaning Brush by Air-Care

Cobra 5 Air Duct Cleaning Machine

The new Cobra 5 Power Brush system from Air-Care is an advanced version of the workhorse that has been aggressively cleaning air ducts for over 3 decades. The Cobra 5 has a wired, handheld remote. It has Forward, Stop, and Reverse functions at the operators finger tips. Of course there are manual backup controls on the main motor box also. A guide to speed selection for most jobs is contained on the inside of the motor box.

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Air Duct Cleaning Fogger Machine For Disinfecting Air Ducts

Max II Dual Tank Fogger

Cleaning the interior of an air system is half the job. For a thorough job, the system should be decontaminated by fogging it with an EPA registered sanitizer and a sealant to retard biological growth and prevent any residual debris from migrating into the occupied area. The all new fogger provides a well controlled cold mist from a stable low slung, self contained case with a plastic handle to provide ease of operation and electrical isolation.

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Air Whisk Air Whip for Cleaning Air Ducts by Air-Care

Air Whisk - Fwd and Rev

The Forward and Reverse Air Whisk provides the same versatile cleaning of all types of ducts as the Sidewinder, but is limited to 20 foot sections or less. A 20 foot stiff hose is used for insertion into the duct to be cleaned. The Air Whisk comes with a Forward and a Reverse duct ball for additional versatility. It requires a minimum 2 H.P. 125 P.S.I., 6 CFM compressor, but will also work with 175 PSI high performance compressors.

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Sidewinder Air Whip Air Duct Cleaning Tool by Air-Care


The Sidewinder is the most versatile cleaning tool for all sizes of ducts made of metal, flex, duct board, and even internally insulated types. It effectively dislodges debris and air scrubs the interior surfaces of any duct system. Two asymmetrical hole pattern balls were specially designed by Air-Care for the Sidewinder. Both designs provide effective cleaning of the top, sides and bottom of duct interiors and provide thrust to propel the Sidewinder deep into the duct and make operator controlled turns.

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HEPA Back Pack Vacuum for Air Duct Cleaning by Air-Care

HEPA Back Pack Vacuum

This HEPA Back Pack Vacuum is lightweight at 11 lbs with 11.5 amps of power pulling an impressive 150 CFM of airflow and 100 inches of static lift. It has a 10 Qt. capacity with a built in heat sensor. The top fill design has a twist off lid and 1 1?2" hose inlet to reduce clogging and allows the 10 Qt. filter bag to completely fill without losing suction. Extra cushion shoulder straps and waist belt adjust for user comfort.

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Pogo Pole Vacuum Hose Adapter for Air Duct Cleaning by Air-Care

Pogo Pole Vacuum Hose Adapter

The Pogo Pole hose adapter is the quickest way to attach an Air-Care Turbojet or other brand negative air machine to a ceiling or wall duct. The 20" x 20" molded poly adapter plate has a 2" foam seal that will protect delicate walls and ceiling during cleaning. The pole is spring-loaded and has adjustable height to provide gentle, yet firm, pressure on most ceilings or wall connections and will often work well on acoustic drop ceiling vents.

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Air Compressors for Air Duct Cleaning by Air-Care

Air Compressors

Air compressors play an important in role in air duct cleaning. Use an air compressor with your sidewinder or air whisk to clean the inside of air ducts with powered air. Air-Care provides several types of high-quality air compressors that will make cleaning air ducts fast and efficient.

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Various Hoses for Air Duct Cleaners - Duct Cleaning Hoses

Various Hoses

This heavy duty hose is rated at 300 PSI working pressure. The Sidewinder and other air-powered devices can be operated several hundred feet from the compressor. Long lengths of hose will act like auxiliary air storage and do not generally impair equipment performance. Includes (1) male & (1) female quick disconnect fittings.

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Duct Cleaning Skipper Balls by Air-Care

Duct Balls

Use Air-Care's forward or reverse duct balls with a sidewinder or forward and reverse air whisk to clean the inside of air ducts with powered air. The sidewinder will connect with a reverse duct ball to propel itself through the air duct. The forward/reverse air whisk will connect with either a forward duct ball or a reverse duct ball to get the job done right and fast.

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Air Duct Cleaning Nozzles by Air-Care


For general cleaning with compressed air when outside, or in an area being evacuated and filtered by the Turbojet, this hand held air gun will provide an economical device for cleaning blowers, coils or your duct cleaning equipment to keep it looking and performing at its peak efficiency.

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Air Duct Hole Cutters for Air Duct Cleaners by Air-Care

Hole Cutters

To properly clean some duct systems it may be necessary to “cut-in” to attach a negative air machine or to access areas for contact vacuuming. Air-Care offers 3 hole cutters that will work in 18 gauge or lighter steel. The Air Powered Nibbler tool will cut straight, round or any irregular shape, but it requires a 1?2 inch pilot hole to get started. It comes with a QD 21 male air fitting and runs on 90 psi @ 20 CFM.

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Air Duct Cleaning Safety Accessories by Air-Care

Safety Accessories

Half mask respirator features low profile design for better visibility and allows safety glasses/goggles to be worn. We also have shoe covers, safety goggles and disposable protective clothing.

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Truck and Van Ramps for Air Duct Cleaning by Air-Care

Truck and Van Ramps

Your van/truck can be outfitted with a fold-up style ramp to make loading and unloading your air duct equipment a breeze. You've made a significant investment in your air duct cleaning equipment. Installing a ramp for your van/truck will help ensure your equipment is cared for properly as your crew loads it in and out of the truck every day.

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